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Spot Silver – Silver Price Chart 22nd April 2009

Just as yesterday’s fantastic football match between Liverpool and Arsenal ended in a draw with 4 goals apiece, this was much like the struggle between the bulls and bears in the silver market, which also ended unresolved, despite equity markets turning higher in late trading. ...

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Spot Silver Prices Today – 27th March 2009

The current picture for spot silver, is very much the same as for spot gold, with yesterday’s candle finishing the day as a small doji, with a long upper shadow, and marginally above all three moving averages which are now closing more tightly as each...

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Spot Silver Chart – 25th March 2009

Monday’s sharp rally in equities proved too powerful to be ignored by spot silver investors and consequently daily silver prices fell yesterday along with spot gold. The candle on the day closed above all three moving averages, but more importantly the low of the day...

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